Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm the perfect parent

I am the perfect parent! Or I was. Before I had a kid.
There are a number of things I said I’d never EVER do as a parent. Oh how I’ve done them. But I’ve learned that there is nothing wrong with parenting the way I see fit if I am making healthy and loving decisions for my daughter. Some of those things are quite humorous while others are ‘make it work’ moments.

I will NEVER let my child sleep in bed with me.....

~ Ha! Well that didn’t happen. My baby has always struggled with sleeping. Early on I realized that she would fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than an hour at a time,
if she slept with me. So that’s how that got started. Did it feel wrong? No. But did I feel like everyone around me would judge me and think I was wrong? Yes. The truth is that our society feels it is wrong when there are so many societies that know no different. It is a special protective time to cuddle with my baby. I feel like I am protecting her and she feels safe. And above all, we both got more rest. Now that she is 7 months, she no longer sleeps with me. I felt like the time was right and I am now so glad to be back in bed with my husband knowing my big girl is sleeping safely in her own room. (We still take afternoon naps together on occasion.) :)

I will NEVER EVER smell my child’s bootie to check if she’s dirty.....

~ This one just makes me really laugh! So I remember before I was ever pregnant I was at work when I saw a dad pick up his child and literally touch his nose against her bottom and take a whiff. I recall my disgust as I promised myself I would never do that. Lets just say I do it. On a weekly basis. Every time I take that whiff I remember what an unexperienced parent I was before my bundle of joy came along.

Someone once told me that it’s easy to parent when it’s not your kid. It’s so very true.

And here is just a little extra photo of the day...

This is what I walked in on when I came home Sunday afternoon! ;)


  1. So funny. I have said and then done the same thing. I'd see parents change their kids diaper in public and I thought, "Gross. That is what bathroom's are for." But then I'm in a situation and I don't have any other choice, so I just changed her right then and there. I also have resorted to Anna sleeping with me before. When we were in LV she wasn't comfortable in a strange bed in a strange place, so we made it work! I heard this quote last week: "If someone else's kid is crying in public, you think, "What a brat!" If my kid is crying in public, you think, "She didn't get her nap today!" A bit hypocritical, but as long as we can laugh about it, right!

  2. My best friend and I laughed and laughed the day we realized that we had become the parents we said we would NEVER be. We all learn this lesson.